Harmony Institute of Music

Welcomes you

Harmony Institute of Music imparts education in the three main fields of Instrumental Music. The guitar, the Harmonica (Mouth Organ) and the Keyboards. Today, these three instruments rule the roost in the field of music, not only at the base level but also in Holly, Bolly and Tollywood ! At this Institute you will Learn (learning is the basis here, rather than teaching) to use the instrument of your choice to the best of your ability/talent. Talent is always latent. At Harmony, it will wake up and shine through ! The instrument you wish to learn will be the expression of your desires and the soul of your life !!


Starting from where this lovely instrument originated, you will learn such nuances as: Chords and their progressions, various types of chords; how, why, where and when they are to be used. Different strumming patters and their uses with wide variations in the patterns. Scale generation, right from the Harmonic Majors to Exotic Arabian and Japanese ! Lead licks with various trick playing such as: note bending, finger tapping, screeching, hammer-on, pull-off and of course, famous bollywood/hollywood renditions. Learning is based on the Western System, but of course, with the reference to the Indian Music System, making it easier to grasp and understand the subject.


This little pocket blaster can virtually dissolve anyone's heart (specially the one you love) with the sweet renditions it is capable of. Capture your audiences hearts with various rendering techniques such as: Pucker, Lip Block, Tongue Block, tonguing and such like. Vamp your tune to hold the audience in awe or bend and over-blow the notes to produce scintillating melodies, which will hold the listener in rapt attention. Yes, you can learn to play all this and perform ..........and quickly too.


The Flute...Violin...Trumpet...Saxophone...Strings.... you name the instrument and with the keyboard, you can play them all ! The magic of the keyboard is such that the one who plays the keyboard can rule the rest ! The student will learn to use both hands deftly, with a deep understanding of chords and their progressions. Armed with the knowledge on Seconds and Contra-melody, the player will stand out and mark his/her place as one to reckon with. Truly, the keyboard has come a long, long way to becoming the leader of the whole gang.

These three instruments are, today, the instruments that command the undivided attention of the audience. Each instrument has something very special that can be very appealing to the listener. This Institute will groom the student to high levels of proficiency so that the student not only performs for his own satisfaction, but will also earn the appreciation of the audience as a proficient and professional artist.


Every year, the Institute holds one/two live concerts, where each student performs live on-stage, thereby giving an opportunity to the student to show-case his/her talent in the presence of an august audience. During such Concerts, the Institute holds competitions, when the students compete to win attractive prizes. The Judges for the concerts are renowned musicians from the field. Not only do such concerts reduce stage fear, they also help the students take on life's challenges with confidence.

Well, what's it for you ? Which instrument do you love ? Want to make a career in Music ? Want to be a professional musician ? Want to compose ? Want to create your own music ? Call on us.....we'll help you do it !